Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mitsuboshi Love Days

Summary: Hinata Kagami a high school girl & a president of a family restaurant "Mirrors",taking it seriously than her life a girl.Ruiji is her classmate,he treated her to a dinner.What will happen if he finds out that she is a president?
Author: Sugiyama Miwako. 
Artist: Sugiyama Miwako. 
Genre: Romance,Shoujo. 
Status: Completed(1Volume). 
Download: Here.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Koi ga Heta demo Ikitemasu

Summary: Misa works at a trading company,always giving her best.But no experience in love.Chihiro her friend is the opposite.So what happens when she meets her dream guy and Chihiro finds out her fiancée cheating on her?!
Author: Fujiwara Akira. 
Artist: Fujiwara Akira. 
Genre: Romance,Comedy,Josei.
Status: Completed(4Volumes). 
Download: Volume1.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kataomoi no Mukougawa

Summary: Kataomoi no Mukougawa:Azusa loves a boy.So what can she do to notice her? Ano Kado o Magareba:Kako wants to fall in love with the next guy she find.The guy who appears is really cute. Can she fall for him? Tenshi ga Kuretamono.
Author: Yoshinaga Yuu. 
Artist: Yoshinaga Yuu. 
Genre: Comedy,Romance,School Life,Shoujo. 
Status: Completed(1Volume). 
Downoad: Here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kanojo to Kanojo no Renai

Summary: 17 years old.We’re not children,nor adults.But every serious matter is worthy of attention.Everyday is boring,Haruka wanted an exciting life .One day,Miki who has no female friends unexpected face without makeup? 
Author: Satori Tae. 
Artist: Satori Tae. 
Genre: Shoujo,Romance. 
Status: Completed(1Volume).
Download: Here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tomato Biyori

Summary: Riko entered a university in Tokyo and had some difficulties after her arrival.Tomato-so is her lodging house ,the residents were strange but she was attracted to Kenji,the owner's son.Her life has just began!! 
Author: Nagae Tomomi.
Artist: Nagae Tomomi.
Genre: Josei,Romance. 
Status: Completed(2Volumes).
Download: Here.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tonari no Koigataki

Summary: Hiro-kun,Icchan and Akane are childhood friends.She thought they will be good friends forever,but what if they have some hidden feelings for her will this friendship keep on going or turn into a triangle love. 
Author: Shiraishi Yuki. 
Artist: Shiraishi Yuki. 
Genre: Drama Romance School Life Shoujo. 
Status: Completed(2Volumes). 
Download: Here.