Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Honey Kids

Summary: It is about a girl(16) and a boy(18) who gets married because the girl is believed to have a terminal illness.The boy swears to look after her.Being married when you are so young of and in school. 
Author: Akimoto Nami. 
Artist: Akimoto Nami. 
Genre: Drama,Romance,Shoujo,Smut. 
Status: Comlpeted(2Volumes). 
Download: Here.


  1. the summary looks interesting!!!! <3
    *dl* xD
    And again~ thx for the raws ^ .^

  2. it is crazy to see little kids becoming husband & wife and they refrain their self from doing ecchi things they are so lovely and the guy is so brave he do his best to protect her