Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ko Akuma Cafe (Playboy café)

Summary: Chasing after a handsome Chika whom she fell in love at first sight,Sakura ended up as a waitress in mysterious cafe.To get close to , good or bad, what would Sakura do? 
Author: Oda Aya. 
Artist: Oda Aya. 
Genre: Romance,Shoujo,Smut. 
Status: Completed(4volumes). 
Download: Here.


  1. Hi! Nice blog. Can you tell me who ended up with Sakura in Ko Akuma Cafe? Is it Chika or Naoki? Can you tell me the whole thing of what happened at the end? I will be extremely grateful to you.
    Thank you.

  2. hello = ) sorry I'm French so I have to take my "google translation ! " Anyway to answer you in the last volume we meet a new character : Shinta ( a model and a childhood friend of Chika is afraid to talk to others except Chika ) Sakura goes home when she sees a man leaning over to a bridge ( Shinta ) believes he will commit suicide and stops and ultimately he watched a butterfly but oddly it was not afraid of her then Chika has Shinta Sakura and they premièere say is " butterfly " . Shinta started working at the cafe and approaches Sakura realizes he begins to love and reflexively took her in his arms. Return to Chika coffee wonder if it will all say yes but both he suspects that something is not going . At the end of the day Sakura returns home and Shinta waits and takes her in his arms and telling him that he thinks he loves and meanwhile Chika is a sheet revision Sakura then decides decides ramenrer him and he falls on the famous hug Sakura and Shinta and said " that's what was happening , I was too confident for doubting you " and he wants to know kidney Sakura tries to catch up but the Shinta ' stopped . The next day Sakura will see Chika and told him to go talk ailleur (they are in the office) Chika and told him " you would do well to come over " because otherwise it might be even more offensive. After Sakura is part Naoki who heard everything trying to put ideas Chika up . Chika will then see Shinta and says he will break with Sakura meanwhile Naoki is going to see Sakura also give him ideas up by saying that it is she really likes it responds directly Chika it runs and then see Chika said " let us part I love you even though now it's up to me to fight for you love me ( then he said ) then you want to go out with me ? " Sakura then jumps on his neck , telling him she loves him and that no matter what would pass it would have chosen this time to Chika.Pendant Shinta coffee then decided to resign as Chika is returned and the manager informed while Shinta wants resign because he can not stay with them and what Sakura says it's his fault then she will resign ! That's when Shinta afraid to Sakura and Chika is immediately why this is because of the scent Chika offered Sakura ( it smells like Chika ) after discovering they decide that nobody resign . Chika then remembers that day is the anniversary of Sakura, he asks her what she wants when she answers " you."The next day Sakura goes to the café but it is close it is appears that Naoki and said I'll take you to Chika and told him that he resigned because he still loves Sakura and he launches dilemmas or stay with him for the last time he sees or go to Chika and in these cases it say " goodbye " now .... Sakura decides to stay with him and that's when he starts to jog super quickly telling him to try to follow , sports Sakura as she arrived at the track after a few kilometers it back to the cafe that's where Chika grabs behind and explains him how the café is closed that day for his birthday party and as promised at the end she would have her gift ( Chika ) and then he quickly explains that the continuous coffee as well walk ^ ^ here then there's a bonus story that says Naoki find a girl named Vanilla and end its becomes his girlfriend <3 it is the last volume so I do not know if you read the 3rd volume because it is four but to answer your question she finished with Chika !