Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Summary: She is Anna 14 years old. Sou & Hinata are her childhood friends living in all together & being in the same age.She thinks that they become more closer friends, but Sou suddenly did that to her!! 
Author: Haruta Nana. 
Artist: Haruta Nana. 
Genre: Romance,Shoujo. 
Status: Ongoing. 
Download: ch21-36New*.


  1. you are welcome come visit it I will upload more when it will be released the next chapter

  2. aww!! It's chinese! Do you maybe have japanese too?

  3. no sorry but I just have chinese raw if I find a link I will tell you ok

  4. Hello Hello :D :D
    it's Bikachama :P I have a blog, where I post Manga & anime stuff and also news for raw releases... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH .. for the stardust wink raws >___> you saved me xD .. So ..a question .. Can I mention you in my Blog ?? (

  5. Ok I accept I don't mind mind if you put the link to my blog your blog is really good I hope you a good continuation

  6. Okay, got it :D :D thank you - and I posted your link on my blog :D :D Thanks a lot for sharing the raws with us *__*

  7. Hello is there ENGLISH transaltion?thank you ^^ :)

  8. This raw are chinese and I generally when some chapters are already translated i delet it from the post and you can read it in Mangahere or download it Mangatraders "but you have to register"
    Good reading^^