Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Summary: Erika said to have a boyfriend by showing a picture of a guy who turns out to be her classmate.He "Sata Kyouya" overheard the conversation.She proposed to him to be fake lovers.He who seems to be a nice guy turns out to be a black prince!!
Author: Hatta Ayuko. 
Artist: Hatta Ayuko. 
Genre: Comedy,Romance,School Life,Shoujo. 
Status: Ongoing. 
Download: ch1-12New*.


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  2. Thank you you are always welcome here I love manga blog even I have one I'm always searching for more and it is a pleasure for me your blog is for sure a good one better than mine so I hope you a good continuation ^^ I like to read the summary of the next new chpater of my favourite manga so i follow your please take care of me *0*

  3. Hi!

    I'm very happy to find this site!
    But I have a question: how can I download this raw? Because on 4share I have to pay and I don't want to :P, so can you give me your account and pass?
    If not, can you send me the full raw as an e-mail?
    Many thanx!!!