Thursday, April 5, 2012

Koyoi Kimi to Kiss no Chigiri o

Summary: Satonaka Koharu returned to her hometown in order to attend her grandma's funeral who had the power to see things that others couldn't.In the way,she made ​​a strange encounter with a mysterious boy... 
Author: Aikawa Saki. 
Artist: Aikawa Saki. 
Genre: Romance,Shoujo,Supernatural. 
Status: Ongoing.
Download: ch1-2New*.


  1. don't u have the jpn raw? please...i can't read chinese.... ToT

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  3. I can't down this link. Please fix it.
    I love Aikawa Saki so much, so I hope i can read her latest Pj.
    Thanks so much, *kiss* ^ ^

  4. I can't download the file, it says the link is invalid. Please fix it.

  5. I fixed it thank for letting me know Enjoy...
    Sorry but I just have Chinese Raw if I find them in Japanese I will post as soon as I will find it ^^