Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pen Saki ni Syrup

Summary: It's about a high school & a handsome boy who is working seriously as a mangaka,and the editor is a clumsy girl but always trying her best even if she make mistakes form time to time .So How will it turn out when this two will meet? 
Author: Nanao Mio. 
Artist: Nanao Mio.
Genre: Shoujo,Romance,Comedy. 
Status: Ongoing. 
Download: ch1-6New*.


  1. Hi! Thanx for always working so hard! ^^ But the links of this manga isn't working u.u

  2. @Ririn thank you that's so kind of you now you can download it again I fixed it ^^
    And sorry for replying you so late 0.0

  3. Hello, may i know is this scans is raw or translated? Also, your link is broken (╥_╥)